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How To Earn

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Here are some things you can do to earn more Coins from Coinsgrant.

Offer Walls

Coinsgrant offerwalls give you so many ways to earn coins. Surveys, visiting webpages, downloading apps, watching videos—and more—all pay you Coins. Try all the offer walls and see which ones you enjoy doing. Our top users earn 100's of thousands of coins from offer walls. Our most popular offer walls are Theorem Reach, Tap Research, Adscend Media and Adgate Media. We have more than a dozen others, too. Every offerwall is different, so poke around in all of them until you find the ones you enjoy working the most.


The #1 way people earn Coins are doing surveys. We have great survey offerwalls, including Tap Research, TheoremReach (New!), and Revenue Wall. Surveys can pay thousands of Coins for completing one, and you'll find all kinds of topics covered. Surveys are also refreshed frequently, so check back often.
We recommend trying the following survey providers first: .
Theorem Reach.
Your Surveys.
Tap Research.
Revenue Wall.
There is also a great guide on our blog that explains how to complete surveys and earn Coins on Coinsgrant. .
You can also complete short quizzes from Jungle Surveys, which are available for all countries and have no daily limits.


Users can watch videos and earn Coins! We offer videos on VideoFox and Opinion Capitals offerwall also has videos for some countries. Visit the Videos tab at the top of the Coinsgrant homepage for more information. Hideout.TV: Users earn points for every three ads that play between the videos, and users may watch videos on one screen/device. Each device must also be associated with a unique viewer. You can stream up to 3 devices per household at a time, but be sure to check the terms and conditions, as they do get updated from time to time, and we do not control that. Points can then be redeemed for Coins at any time on the website.

Coinsgrant PTC Ads

Coinsgrant PTC Ads pay you to visit a webpage! You earn Coins for every visit, and the people who buy the Coinsgrant PTC Ads earn your attention. Coinsgrant PTC Ads are a great way for you to earn, and they're available all around the world.


You can earn Coins by spinning our faucet! You might even win our progressive jackpot that starts at 100,000 Coins and goes up until someone wins it.

Other Faucets

We've curated a list of high-paying faucets we recommend. Add those to your rotation!

Promo Codes

Follow us on Twitter and/or enable push notifications to receive promo codes for free Coins. We often send out promo codes 2 or 3 times every week!

Support Coinsgrant Sponsors

We put a lot of what we earn into our payouts. You can help us by supporting our sponsors. Please only click on ads you find interesting and engaging that you want to learn more about.

Many More Options to Earn Coming Soon!

We are still in early Beta an we have a lot of very cool features planned to help you earn more coins! Stay tuned and check back frequently for updates.

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friends and earn.

There are thousands of potential publishers and advertisers living in your country. They either don’t know about Coinverti or can’t start working with us due to the language barrier. Write an article or a review of our network in your native language to spread the word across popular communities in your country or city. If you’re proactive you can even contact website owners directly, but always come across as professional and friendly.

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